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Folding Screen Jewelry Box

Folding Screen Jewelry Box

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✨ Foldable Design: Save space with our foldable design! When folded, it reduces contact between your jewelry and the air, preventing dust, moisture, and oxidation, keeping your treasures in top condition. 📿💫

💎 Porous Display: Ample space for your accessories! 153 earring hanging holes, 21 necklace grooves, and 3 U-shaped grooves provide sufficient display positions to prevent friction and tangling between jewelry items. No more knots or scratches! 🌟📿

👌 Easy to Take: Effortless access to your jewelry! The screen-style, foldable design ensures that your accessories are displayed clearly and at a glance. It's super convenient, saving you precious time. ⏱️💍

✨ Elegant Appearance: Our smooth line design and glossy texture exude sophistication. Plus, it won't fade with use. The base is made of ABS+ electroplated metal, adding a touch of fashion and luxury while providing a stable stand. 💎🌟

🪞 Bring Your Own Mirror: No need to hunt for a mirror! This jewelry organizer comes with its own mirror, making it even more convenient for you to match and coordinate your jewelry. 👗💁‍♀️
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